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September 04, 2015
Ask Human Resources


Do staff get Good Friday off? If not, can I take Good Friday (April 22 this year) off as a religious holiday?


Good Friday is not designated a holiday in BOCES staff contracts, but you can choose to take the day off as a religious holiday.

All contracts include similar language about taking off religious holidays, allowing staff to use short-term leave for such a purpose. To find out the details for your particular bargaining unit, check your contract:

arrow bulletService Unit Contract (PDF) - page 32

arrow bulletTeachers' Contract (PDF) - page 41

arrow bulletTeaching Assistant Contract (PDF) - page 25

arrow bulletProgram Associates Organization (PAO) Contract (PDF) - page 13


If you have questions, contact Human Resources Director Robert Zordan ( or 862-4910).

Do you have a Human Resources question? Contact HR anytime, or ask your division communications specialist (see names and addresses on the Insider main page) and answers for questions of general staff interest will be included in a future Insider.


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