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Capital Region Career & Technical School

Careers Without Limits

In the 21st century workplace, careers have no gender!


Change is fast-paced and constant in todays global society. And as our world evolves, so do career opportunities. In the Capital Region, Tech Valley and beyond, there are many paths to success that one can follow. Have you considered exploring a profession that might be thought of as nontraditional to your gender or background? In the 21st century workplace, careers have no gender!

Today, both men and women find professional and personal satisfaction in career fields that used to be labeled"men or women only." Interest, aptitude and talent may make such a"nontraditional" choice the best one for you.

Did you know:

  • Women are needed to fill a growing critical shortage of skilled union construction workers. (Committee of Women in the Trades, AFL-CIO)
  • Many information technology jobs offer flexible schedules or telecommuting, making it easier to blend career and family. (National Center for Women & Information Technology)
  • Today is a great time to become a male nurse, with the increased demand for nurses in a profitable and professionally rewarding career. (Johnson & Johnson,
  • With the transition from mechanic to technician and ever-increasing complexity of vehicles, automotive service requires advanced training. Educated and experienced female technicians who know electronics, can diagnose and solve problems, and communicate with customers are in demand. (


Great starting salaries and earning potential await those with the proper education and experience in skilled professions, the trades and all career fields. Job satisfaction is key to life satisfaction. Consider careers that match your interests, talents and potential. The future is wide open. And remember, no matter what you do for a living: The more you learn, the more you earn. Get your start at the Capital Region BOCES Career & Technical School.



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