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November 21, 2017

CoSer: F833-5912

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Valerie Kelsey
Interim Deputy Director


2017-18 PRICING:
$11,334 per student,
averaged over 5-year period.
Click here for more information on enrollment averaging.


2016-17 PRICING:
$11,167 per student,
averaged over 5-year period.
Click here for more information on tuition averaging.

More Information
  • Adult education website


Adults In Secondary CTE Programs

Adult students can enroll in our secondary CTE programs provided they meet entrance guidelines.

Career & Tech works closely with component school districts, employers, colleges and the communities we serve to prepare students to be college and career ready. We also serve the needs of the rapidly changing regional workforce with programs that incorporate the latest technology and skills needed for the 21st century.

We emphasize a project-based learning approach to instruction where students are pulled through the curriculum by an authentic problem that creates a need to know the material. Partnering with business and industry in this area, we can help students understand that knowledge, thinking, doing and contexts for learning are inextricably tied. Through standards-focused projects, our goal is to not only prepare our students for post-secondary education, but also to prepare them for the global workforce. We have infused green technology instructional modules in our Construction Trades programs. Our teachers are state-certified educators who are also experts in their career fields. Our more than 300 business and educational partners keep us abreast of trends and provide students with unmatched opportunities for work-based learning and earning college credits. Team teaching helps our students connect academic and career learning and earn integrated credit.

CoSer 101 programs are half-day courses.

Click here for a list of state approved (101) Career and Technical Education Courses.
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