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2017-2018 Online Trainings

Online training is available for Capital Region BOCES employees and school districts that participate in the Capital Region BOCES Health/Safety/Risk Management Service.

To complete Online Training using Schoology:

  • In the A-Z district list below find your school district or BOCES name.
  • Now find the name of the course you want to take and its corresponding Access Code. The access codes are listed under the schools/divisions name. You will need this code in the following steps, so write it down now!
  • Please be aware that BOCES substitute training is separate from regular teacher training and is denoted in orange.
  • Use your internet browser and go to:
    If you will be taking BOTH Hazcom and Bloodborne Pathogens courses, you can access the second course (after completing the first) by clicking on the Courses tab at the top of the screen, then click Join and enter the Access Code for the second course. Alternately, you may LOG OUT of Schoology after you complete the first course. You may then log back in and join the second course by clicking on the Courses tab at the top of the screen, then click Join and enter the Access Code for the course.
    If you are a NEW Schoology User*:

    • Go to:
    • Click on the Sign Up button at the top right corner of the screen.
    • Click on Student
    • Enter the course Access Code,
      then click continue
    • Complete the Sign Up for Schoology form and click Register

       * New users to Schoology can create an account with OR without an email address! If you opt not to use an email address, you will create a Username (this can be anything) and Password when joining for the first time. Once you logout, you will be able to log back in by entering the same username & password you created, you will also be prompted to enter your "zip code". At this point, you will need to enter 12205 and select Northeastern RIC from the dropdown that appears.  

        If you are an EXISTING/RETURNING  
        Schoology User:

    •  Go to:
    • Click on the Log In button at the top right corner of the screen.
    • Enter your login credentials
    • From home screen, click Courses
    • Click Join
    • Enter course Access Code

  • Click the following:
    • 1. Courses tab (at top of screen)
    • 2. Name of the course (i.e. HazCom Training)
    • 3. Arrow (>) next to the course (to expand it)
    • 4. Title of PDF
  • Review every slide. You may watch the Power Point as it is in the viewer, or download it to your computer as a .pdf file.
  • Complete each course element in order, clicking Next, when you are finished. When you complete the Registration Form, you are done.


  • This training will work best on Windows PCs (computers, laptops, tablets), Macs, and Chromebooks. See links below for downloads if needed.
  • You should be able to use most web browsers successfully with this training (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.)
  • If you have difficulties with the training, please click on the name of the HSR person assigned to your district to email them below the listed codes.


* Websites often store cookies and other data as you browse online. This data may include information that you have provided in the past, such as your name, email address, and preferences. This data helps websites such as Schoology identify you when you return to the site, and helps the site remember the users preferences or registration details for a future visit. On Schoology, enabling cookies in your browser can help prevent login issues to as well as to other third party apps within Schoology.

  • NOTE: AVOID using mobile devices (phones and tablets) to access your Haz-Com materials. Windows PCs and Macintosh devices are suggested.


  • Question:  What if I inadvertently register for Schoology as an instructor rather than a student?

  •  Answer: You have two choices, you will need to delete your instructor Schoology account associated with the e-mail address and create a new account with that e-mail address. A video is available here that explains how to delete your account.
  • Your other option is to register for a new student account using a different email address.

  • Click here for a helpful blog here that answers questions about Schoology.
  • Answer: Once you view all course slides, complete/pass the quiz, and complete/submit the registration form, you will be able to

     Question: How will you know that your "training went through and the course was completed"?

    open the "Optional Proof of Training" form. If you want this form for other employers (i.e., this district does NOT need this form from you), then you are welcome to print it out. This form is locked and cannot be opened until the course, the quiz and the registration form are completed.



Scroll to your districts or BOCES name:

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Academy of Holy Names Berne-Knox-Westerlo Cambridge
Online Hazcom: Combined trainings: NBZQG-2474J
Bloodborne Pathogens: Contact: Micki Jones
Albany City Bethlehem Capital Region BOCES employees
Online Hazcom: Online Hazcom: B6P7J-K49GK Online Hazcom: WJF2X-N6F3X         
Bloodborne Pathogens: Bloodborne Pathogens: X737H-NGRZP Bloodborne Pathogens:JVPHN-ZGK5J  
Contact: Sherrie Strain Contact: Jim Victor Contact: Carol Bohuslavsky
Argyle Bolton Capital Region BOCES SUBSTITUTES
Online Hazcom: WQWQD-ZMXPM
Bloodborne Pathogens:
Contact: Carol Bohuslavsky
Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Cobleskill-Richmondville  
Online Hazcom: Online Hazcom: H973M-4B64F
Bloodborne Pathogens: Bloodborne Pathogens:D4HNB-9SGMX
  Contact: Cynthia Holmes Contact: Tim Murphy
    Online Hazcom: 5GV62-TXF8S
Bloodborne Pathogens: 5VJ85-TFDQB
Contact: Sherrie Strain

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Duanesburg   Fort Ann
Online Hazcom: 63XD8-NTG3G   Online Hazcom:
Bloodborne Pathogens: CK9XZ-XZJNC
Bloodborne Pathogens:
Contact: Carol Bohuslavsky Contact: Micki Jones
Fort Edward
Online Hazcom: PPCRQ-NXPD8
    Contact: Mark Sullivan
Galway Hadley Luzerne Indian Lake
Online Hazcom: Online Hazcom and
Online Hazcom: 4B36V-CJDTB
Bloodborne Pathogens: Bloodborne Pathogens: DBHWQ-JCZRD Bloodborne Pathogens: 8X6DR-XPF9R
Contact: Cynthia Holmes Contact: Carol Bohuslavsky Contact: Carol Bohuslavsky
Glens Falls Common (Abe Wing) Hartford
  Combined trainings: J4CXN-97JFG
Contact: Cynthia Holmes Contact: Micki Jones  
Granville Hudson Falls
Online Hazcom: QRGVC-QR4DR Combined training: 6CH3D-PZ9C8
Bloodborne Pathogens: CPJPH-X9KDP Contact: Micki Jones
Contact: Sherrie Strain    
Green Island
Online Hazcom: MFS26-QDG66
Bloodborne Pathogens: G8237-V6SPF
Contact: Cynthia Holmes    
Online Hazcom and
Bloodborne Pathogens:
Contact: Cynthia Holmes    
Online Hazcom: Z73H5-6QMDZ    
Bloodborne Pathogens: RGCJ6-VHMCX
Contact: Tim Murphy
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Johnsburg Lake George
Online Hazcom: 2TGW4-QXPGB Combined trainings: 83KV8-T3QDC
Bloodborne Pathogens: NQHVR-BGWDM
Contact: Carol Bohuslavsky
Mechanicville Newcomb
Required Safety Training:
  Online Hazcom: 5KPJD-CNBT4  
Bloodborne Pathogens: MNPHM-2H2FM
  Contact: Sherrie Strain  
Middleburgh North Colonie
Online Hazcom: MTMV2-C33TF
Bloodborne Pathogens: T3W3G-Q4J44    
Contact: Tim Murphy    
Minerva North Warren
Online Hazcom: Online Hazcom: JM2RF-SR9H5
QDZBK-NV3TM  Bloodborne Pathogens:
Contact: Mark Sullivan Contact: Mark Sullivan
Online Hazcom: HWVKM-JGNKJ
Bloodborne Pathogens: DGQG6-WFHJH
Contact: Sherrie Strain
to top    
Combined Trainings:  PBK7V-CH3JQ
Contact: Micki Jones  


Saratoga Springs    
Online Hazcom:
Bloodborne Pathogens: 
Combined Training for Substitutes:
Combined training for non-instructional
Contact: Micki Jones
Online Hazcom:
Bloodborne Pathogens:     
Contact: Cynthia Holmes    
Online Hazcom: VHH65-SJT26
Bloodborne Pathogens: SKP85-TBCGB
Contact: Carol Bohuslavsky    
Online Hazcom: Z9B9Q-XJ68R
Bloodborne Pathogens: V2ZM2-5CX4Q
Contact: Tim Murphy    
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Online Hazcom: VB7PD-5VRSP
Bloodborne Pathogens: BSTJ9-4X4XN    
Contact: Jim Victor    
Scotia-Glenville -
Online Hazcom: TGNTH-V725M
Bloodborne Pathogens: CTCTB-VT456
Contact: Tim Murphy    
Sharon Springs
Annual trainings - B5856-X8DJV
Online Hazcom: C2XVR-QW78X
Bloodborne Pathogens: PVH5N-B5Q3X
BOE Policy Review: 4CJN3-MPPJM
Child Abuse Mandated Reporter:   2RFBM-8KXF7     
Contact: Ian Feinstein

South Glens Falls
Online Hazcom and
Bloodborne Pathogens: 4TCZH-C9V5X
Contact: Carol Bohuslavsky    
South Glens Falls Substitutes:
Contact: Carol Bohuslavsky
Online Hazcom:    
Bloodborne Pathogens:    
Contact: Micki Jones
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Voorheesville Warrensburg
Online Hazcom: Online Hazcom:
Bloodborne Pathogens:

Bloodborne Pathogens:

  Contact: Mark Sullivan
Contact: Sherrie Strain Waterford Halfmoon
Online Hazcom: 3SHB7-DHS5R
  Bloodborne Pathogens: VZGDK-J46WP  
  Contact: Cynthia Holmes  
Online Hazcom:DCVVD-HPTMX  
Contact: Mark Sullivan
WSWHE BOCES employees
Hazcom/Bloodborne Pathogens combined training: BCMWF-6PFNN
  Contact: Micki Jones  
  WSWHE BOCES substitutes  
  Online Hazcom: TQ4H3-JFXMS  
  Contact: Micki Jones  


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