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Everything you ever wanted to know about our new email system...  

but were afraid to ask!

After using Groupwise for so long, it's understandable that switching to Outlook might cause a bit of anxiety. But don't panic: Until further training opportunities are scheduled, the following FAQs will give you the most important information you'll need to know about the switch:

What about training?
Trainings are currently being scheduled for September, once all of the desktop clients have been installed. In the meantime, here are some helpful Outlook webmail resources to help you during the transition period:

- Outlook Web Quick reference pdf

- Outlook Web calendar help

- Outlook Web email help

- Outlook Web help videos

- You can also visit Google and put in a search for the specific issue you are having. For example, if you type in"how do i change my signature in outlook web access" you'll get these results.

- When all else fails, you should contact the Service Desk at 862-5400, servicedesk@
Quick Tips!

In the Outlook Exchange web client, you can avoid having to log in multiple times from your work computer by checking the "private computer" option before logging in. However, be sure change the setting if you are accessing your email from another computer.

When is the switch occurring?

Beginning at 5 p.m. on Friday, August 10, all new incoming mail will flow to the Outlook Exchange server. So when you get to work Monday morning you will need to visit to access your email through the Outlook webmail.


I heard the web version of Outlook isn't as feature-rich as the desktop client. When will I be getting the desktop client on my computer?

Certain employees who do a lot of scheduling via room and resource proxies have already had the client installed on their machines. Everyone else will be getting the desktop client installed over the next few weeks. The web version of Outlook will provide sufficient access for the vast majority of employees until they can use the desktop client. If you feel you need the desktop client sooner rather than later, please contact the Service Desk at 862-5400,


Will all of my information be brought over into Outlook from my Groupwise account?

The initial migration includes your inbox, calendar info, sent mail, cabinet, contacts, trash, distribution lists, archives and proxies dating back to January 1, 2012. All of this information should be in your inbox when you sign in on Monday morning. However, moving such a large volume of data from one system to another is no small feat, so the NERIC Service Desk will be on high alert for any possible problems.. If you are missing information, please contact the Service Desk at 862-5400, It is expected that ALL data from your Groupwise account prior to January 1, 2012 will be migrated to the new accounts by Friday, August 17. Please note: RULES WILL NOT BE MIGRATED. They will need to be recreated in Outlook.


Can I still access my Groupwise account in the event I am missing info?

Yes, although no new mail will be flowing into the Groupwise accounts after 5 p.m. on Friday, August 10, the accounts will still be accessible for at least the next three months. Email sent to your old Groupwise address will continue to forward to your new address for the foreseeable future. We do ask that you DO NOT SEND ANY MAIL FROM THE GROUPWISE ACCOUNTS AFTER 5 PM ON FRIDAY, AUGUST 10.


What about Wincap Web or other programs that require my Groupwise address for logging in?

In the case of Wincap Web, your Groupwise email address is essentially being used as a username, NOT a way to contact you, so please continue to use that address for signing in. This may also be the case for other web-based programs, so unless you have been specifically told to use your new email address, you should still use the old one.


Uh oh! My old email address is listed on the website! How do I get that changed?

Public information specialists on the BOCES 360 team will be working on going through the website and updating all the email addresses throughout the next week. We will also be uploading a new database in the near future to ensure addresses are correct in the staff directory. If you discover an old email address listed after Friday, August 17, please contact Jill Aurora, 464-3958,

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